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Frequency range 88 - 108Mhz
Works in any Country - FM International Band - Worldwide models
  • Built in amplifier to improve reception.

  • Built in Blocking Filter (extremely important to eliminate original frequencies radio is tuned to from 76-88Mhz to avoid any possible radio interference

  • Input and Output are preciously matched to improve sensitivity.

  • AM bypassed ( without change )

  • Easy to fit.

  • RELIABLE each unit is individually precisely tuned for desired band on appropriate RF test equipment. Frequency range 88-108Mhz-Works in any Country - FM International Band - Worldwide models (For possible Fm Station double-ups and blank-spots see Installation instructions)


    PB1000-10 standard aerial connectors
    PB1000-10E european button connectors
    PB1000-10E1 european 2002 on connectors
    PB1000-10H reversed standard aerial connectors
    PB1000-10-24v 24 volt
    PB1000-10N nissan diversity up to 2007 connectors
    PB1000-10N1 nissan 2007 on connectors
    PB1000-10MH mitsubishi or honda 2005 connectors
    PB1000-10S subaru 2005 on connectors
    PB1000-10S1 subaru 2 x diverity 2005 on connector
    PB1000-10V volvo connector
    PB1000-10C chrysler 2001 on connector
    PB1000-10F ford taurus connector
    PB1000-10G GM cavalier connector

    No image PB1000-10 Code:
    $30.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

    PB1000-10-24v Code:
    Radio converter with standard aerial conncetors with 24volt power input
    $30.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

    PB1000-10C Code:
    Radio converter with chrysler aerial connectors for cars 2001 on
    $61.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

    PB1000-10E Code:
    Radio converter with european button connectors
    $30.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

    PB1000-10E1 Code:
    Radio converter with european aerial leads 2002 on connectors
    $36.00 NZD   View Cart     Add to Cart

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